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May 7 – 17, 2018 | Red Deer College  Red Deer, AB

Congratulations to the 2017 Award Winners!

Adjudicators Choice Award winners
Superior Band Award winners

2017 Festival of Bands Info:

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COMMUNITY BAND DAY: $500 per band

OUT-OF-PROVINCE BANDS*: $500 per band
*Although out-of-province bands do not require membership in Alberta Band Association, we do require membership with your provincial band association.



Festival Overview

The ABA Provincial Festival of Bands offers an opportunity for both band director and student to gain a valuable educational experience. The unique format offers an ideal setting for participants to receive constructive feedback and hear other groups perform.

Each participating band receives:




General Regulations


Performance Regulations


Festival Literature

All bands will prepare THREE selections at their playing level, (i.e. 1 – 6), in one of five categories:

A band may enter only one class. One selection MUST BE performed from each of the following categories (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Selection from the 2017 Festival Syllabus listing
  2. Contrasting selection (no ‘pops’)
  3. March or transcription

Grade One level bands will participate in either a fundamentals clinic OR a sight-reading clinic. Please inform the clinician of your choice upon your arrival at the clinic.


Fundamentals Clinic

(Grade 1)

The Alberta Band Association recognizes that playing, listening, reading, creating and valuing are important considerations in the school music curriculum.

The clinic will proceed as follows:

  1. Perform one prepared chorale, chosen and conducted by the teacher. The performance of the chorale will be adjudicated using the same evaluation criteria as the main stage performance.
  2. Play three major scales chosen by the director, from concert Bb, Eb, Ab, F and C with the adjudicator conducting at M.M. = 92, quarter note. The director should indicate to the adjudicator which three scales the students will perform. One scale will be all tongued; one scale slur two – tongue two; one scale slurred. Percussionists should perform these scales on keyboard percussion instruments.
  3. Echo on instruments a five-note melody. The melody will be a maximum of 2 bars, based on concert Bb diatonic, under a perfect 5th and in either 4/4 or 3/4. This melody will be provided and administered by the adjudicator.
  4. Read and execute a rhythmic pattern, a maximum of 2 measures in length using a counting system identified by the teacher as the system most familiar to the students, (i.e. counting out loud and clapping). The pattern written in either 4/4, 3/4 or 2/4 will include combinations of half, quarter and eighth notes and quarter rests. Rhythmic patterns will be provided and administered by the adjudicator.

Directors are asked to choose and prepare only ONE chorale for evaluation. The chosen chorale should be taken from chorales you do regularly in class. Please bring a score for the adjudicator.


Sight-Reading Clinic

The sight-reading portion of the Festival will be adjudicated by a separate clinician. Each band will perform one selection from a list of “new music” one level below the class entered.

After the director chooses a selection, Grade 1, 2 and 3 bands will be given five minutes to prepare while Grade 4 to 6 bands will be given eight minutes to prepare before performing the selection.

Preparation can include any techniques the director wishes except the actual playing of the instruments.

The Sight-Reading Clinician will take into account such criteria as rhythmic accuracy, note accuracy, tempi, balance, preparation for the reading, the overall effect of the performance and the general musicianship of the group in this sight-reading environment.

It is recommended that the director not verbally prompt the rehearsal letters or numbers during the actual sight-reading performance.


Photography Packages

Images Unlimited offers three Festival photo packages:

Bands that book by April 15, 2017 will save the cost [$25] of shipping and handling.
Download promotional info

Note to directors: Book by April 15, 2017 and your pictures will be printed at the Festival.

Please pre-register for photos: or phone 403-253-0200


Adjudicator’s Choice Awards

Adjudicator’s Choice Awards will be presented at the discretion of the adjudication panel.


ABA Festival of Bands Community Band Day


Festival Ratings

SUPERIOR < ======== > POOR

Superior (I)
A commendable performance for the event and the class of participants being adjudicated.
Excellent (II)
A commendable performance showing a high standard of musical accomplishments but lacking in one or more of the characteristics of a superior rating.
Good (III)
An average performance but lacking in several major characteristics of a superior rating.
Fair (IV)
A below average performance showing much room for specific improvement in almost all respects.
Poor (V)
A performance showing a lack of sufficient preparation, or other deficiencies as indicated by the adjudicator's comments.
On-stage performance will constitute 60% of final rating.

Further information:

Managing Director
Alberta Band Association

Joyce Howdle
Red Deer College